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ARTERO Singapore

A5 Blade #10, 1.6mm

A5 Blade #10, 1.6mm

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Steel A5 blades for ARTERO clippers. Compatible with theses brands: Andis, Moser, Heiniger, Oster, Aesculap model Fav5 and Fav5 CL.

A5 Artero cutting blades are made of high carbon steel tempered by cryogenic treatment (heat and cold) for which they will remain sharp longer and have extra resistance to oxidation.
Artero blades are sharpened by hand and pass strict quality control.
Great durability thanks to the hardness of the Rockwell of 62 ".



Cutting height: 1.6mm.
Blade No.: 10
Material: Steel.

Available Models: [C622]

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