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4 Cats Shampoo (2 Sizes)

4 Cats Shampoo (2 Sizes)

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Cat shampoo that cares for skin and coat of felines

The gentle formula is rich in moisturisers, vitamins and conditioners. This shampoo provides a nourishing treatment with volume and shine. Makes brushing a breeze, helping to remove dead, loose, shedding hair in the tub during the bath, leaving a soft silky, healthy coat. Suitable for all fur types. Extraordinary results for the care and comfort of the cat.


  • Rich in moisturisers, vitamins and conditioners
  • Nourishing treatment with volume and shine
  • Suitable for all fur types 



Chamomile Extract: Special for the treatment of sensitive or irritated skin, reducing irritation and inflammation, it is an antiseptic and relaxing ingredient.
Provitamin B5: Important molecule that provides extreme shine in the hair cuticle. Protects from breakage and drying.
Propylene Glycol: Powerful immediate action moisturiser that improves moisture retention by hair and dermis during the washing process, increasing the quality and manageability of hair both wet and dry.
Vitamin cocktail  with different revitalising and moisturising properties.


How to use: 

  • It is advisable to detangle before bathing to help the water and shampoo enter better.
  • Wet the area to be washed well.
  • Apply shampoo by massaging until lathering.
  • Wait 3 to 5 minutes
  • Rinse with plenty of water.

Recommendations from our specialists

Artero 4Cats Shampoo is specifically intended for cats of all breeds. Their hairs tend to need special care due to their essential cat life.

Drags the fat and dirt of the animal quickly and efficiently. Its perfume is fresh, leaving a lasting aroma.

Its composition allows it to be used without diluting, facilitating bathing and preventing hair from becoming dry or brittle.

In addition, the Moisturising Artero Shampoo has a vitamin complex that allows it to be equally effective on all types of cat coats.

Available size:

  • 250ml [H657]
  • 1000ml [H658]
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