ARTERO Singapore is the sole distributor in Singapore, we have wide varieties of Professional Hairdressing and Professional Pet Grooming equipment and tools.




Artero offers you all the professional material for hairdressing with a wide range of professional scissors of all sizes for cutting, sculpting, beginners, special for lefties , a wide variety of machines , blades , irons , combs , brushes , professional clothing , accessories , aesthetics and much more .

We address the professional hairdresser and all those who want good hair care. You will find everything you need in the online store with deliveries in just 24/48 hours from Monday to Friday in the Peninsula, the Balearic Islands and Portugal.

Artero is a Spanish family business founded in 1909, currently run by the 4th generation. The experience acquired in all these years, together with the best professional hairdressers and stylists, have made us grow to be able to offer the necessary material for a perfect finish.

Welcome to ARTERO!