Dog brushing routine: How to do it step by step

Dog brushing routine: How to do it step by step

Brushing dogs is an essential task to provide them with well-being, health and beauty. However, it is necessary to know how to do it and differentiate procedures according to hair type.

Why is it important to brush a dog?

If you know how to brush a dog and do it frequently, both your faithful friend and your home will benefit. Firstly, because the hairs left over from shedding will be removed more effectively. They won't fall wherever they go!

On the other hand, remember that all dogs must be brushed , even those that barely have hair. With this procedure, the shedding hairs are removed. In addition, it allows you to identify possible abnormalities in the skin, such as spots, parasites or bald spots.

Without a doubt, this task improves the quality and appearance of canine hair , which remains stronger and cleaner. Therefore, dog brushing should be a routine in your home. Of course, remember to have the appropriate material, for example the NATURE COLLECTION 

Steps to brush a dog

Once you know its importance, you must master the step by step to groom a dog .

1. Prepare the moment

The first thing is to have a good brushing set. Choose the appropriate accessories and leave everything on a side table or any other support. Use only natural bristle brushes specialised for each hair type. Some recommended alternatives are the Copper Bristle Brush and the Racket, great for quickly detangling.

Then, place a towel in the area where you are going to work so that the hairs fall on it and do not spread.

For everything to go well, it is important that the dog is relaxed . Sit him on your lap or put him on a chair, depending on his size. This way, you will be able to move freely and reach both its head and its legs. Next, pet him to help him calm down.

Contrary to popular belief, it is better to brush before bathing, since dry hair works better and much sooner.

2. Start brushing

Common sense is a good reference if you don't know how to brush a dog . It is best to do it gently, while interacting lovingly with your pet, so that she feels comfortable.

Act with kindness and delicacy , especially if you have to undo knots. Get used to following the direction of hair growth. It is important that you act quickly and without prolonging the process more than necessary. Your dog will get tired soon, so don't beat yourself up.

The best order to follow is this:

  1. Head.
  2. Back.
  3. Sides.
  4. Paws.
  5. Line.

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3. After this procedure

Reward their patience and good behavior with a reward they love, such as a cookie or other treat. Not only that, show him your affection in the way you know how and that he likes so much. If you have accustomed him to it since he was a puppy , he will experience this process in a more natural and relaxed way.

After giving him his prize, return to normal: bath him or carry out any other activity you had planned.

Brushing dogs according to their hair type

You already know that not all dogs are the same. The coat is a differentiating factor, and not only between breeds, but also between the specimens themselves. For this reason, it is advisable to be well informed about how to brush them based on their characteristics.

Long and silky hair

Follow the hairline, as we have already mentioned. A good idea is to use a dryer focused in that same direction in order to reinforce the effect. If afterwards, when bathing him, you apply a good moisturising shampoo , the result will be great.

Artero Acondicionador Mix 1L.

Short hair

The purpose is to leave the coat smooth and uniform. You just have to use our special Rubber Palm Brush Green for dogs with short hair or a soft bristle brush . Always do it from front to back and from top to bottom.

Curly or wavy hair

Brush it daily to avoid tangles. Use a soft wire brush and moisten your hair with our Mix conditioner so it doesn't break.

Hard hair

The upper area of ​​their hair is hard to the touch like wire and they require weekly brushing and periodic stipping actions every month and a half. We recommend that they be carried out by a professional.


It is the only exception. These dogs should not be brushed as such, just brush them with your fingers from time to time.

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